Flaunting Flamboyant Fashion

Ephraim Lu, Staff Writer

            The April 30th junior prom fashion show conveniently took place at lunch in the Pavilion in hopes for many students to attend. The event was not a disappointment as the audience was left in awe at the mesmerizing display of flamboyant dresses, suits, and corsages.

            Ms. Yoo, West High’s student activities director, was able to organize the whole event with the help of several students, including fashion show MC’s Scott Shima (11) and Michelle Trinh (11).

            Throughout the show, the MC’s maintained an exciting atmosphere amongst the audience as student models walked down and posed on the runway. Eranthi Jayawardena (12) commented on the beauty of the dresses, “I thought [they were] really good…I really like that mermaid turquoise bluish dress that was open on the back.”

            The models also shared in the spectators’ excitement. Very pleased with the event’s outcome, Theodore Chiang (11) said “I thought the junior fashion show went really well. It was really something fun to do. When I first saw the color I was wearing, I literally went ‘PINK?!’ but it turned out great.” Josh Riley (11) presented similar views, adding, “It was a lot of fun dressing up nice and walking down the aisle and showing off.”

            After the fashion show, many students put their luck to the test and participated in the raffle drawing for the featured prom dresses, tuxedos, and corsages. Although only a select few of eleven students were fortunate enough to win the main prizes, many did not leave empty-handed—winning Habit Burger, iTunes, and Trader Joe’s gift cards. Surely, the junior prom fashion show will bring the same amount of admiration among students next year. “It was a great experience and it was fun. I never thought that there would be such a great turnout,” Justin Liau (11) praised.