Girlboss: Now On Netflix


IMDb Girlboss Poster

Todd Potter , Sports Editor

   The new show Girlboss is now on Netflix and  is based on entrepreneur Sophia Amoruso’s autobiography #Girlboss and follows the loosely-based character Sophia Marlowe as she discovers her love of fashion and her journey into becoming a businesswoman.

  In the first episode of Girlboss, Sophia loses her job and receives an eviction notice. This is the catalyst for Sophia working to find her place in the real world.

  The book #Girlboss, which the show is based on, was published in 2014 and talks about how Amoruso opened an online eBay store in 2007 called Nasty Gal Vintage, which primarily sold vintage clothing. In 2008, Amoruso launched her very own Nasty Gal website, which grew as a result of a following of young women on social media. By 2011, the company had $23 million in revenue.  

  Bad luck, however, striked. On January 12, 2015, Amoruso announced she was going to step down as CEO.  In November 2016, the company filed for bankruptcy and she stepped down as executive chairwoman.  

  Amoruso is proud of the show and enjoys what the producers at Netflix created.

  “[The show]’s exciting. It’s scary. It’s made my parents very proud. It’s fun. It’s fun to watch and so regardless of the fact that it has anything to do with my life, there’s a funny show coming to Netflix that I’m excited to watch,” said Amoruso in a Teen Vogue interview.

  After viewing the trailer trailer for Girlboss, David Montefalcon  (11) said, “It doesn’t seem to be my cup of tea.  I’m not really into the tone of the show. It’s not my type of humor.”

  Marlon Escobar (11) stated, “Girlboss seems like a show that depicts the life of a scam artist. It follows the cliche of the main character meeting her downfall and trying to redeem herself. It doesn’t seem like a show I would spend my time watching.”

  The first season of Girlboss is now available on Netflix, so if you have it, go check it out.