The Top Trends of 2017

Paste Magazine

Paste Magazine

Ashley Kang, News Editor

New York Fashion Week has just ended. In honor of all the fashion icons and styles designers have brought to the city that never sleeps, here are ten trends that will not rest in 2017.  

  1. Off the shoulder tops – With spring and summer coming around the corner, off the shoulder tops will keep you cool in the heat. Buy them in a few basic colors and pair them with anything — jeans, shorts, even denim skirts.


  2. Culottes – No, I am not talking about the pants the wealthy men would wear in the 1700’s. The French culotte fits the style of the stereotypical Parisian woman–classy, sophisticated, and definitely someone to take advice from.  These loose style pants can be paired with almost anything, and are a great transition piece from winter to spring.


  3. Turtlenecks – An essential for wintertime.  Though California does not get very cold, a turtleneck keeps your neck warm without the claustrophobia of a scarf.  Whether you are going for a Steve Jobs black turtleneck aesthetic or just a throwback to the 90’s look, all outfits can be built around a basic black or white turtleneck.
    Buzz Foto / REX Shutterstock


  4. Trench coats – Another must have for the wintertime…especially if you are planning a trip to the East Coast. This timeless essential can make a statement in the dull of winter and give you that perfect “model off-duty” look.  Buy the typical beige coat. Or a bright orange one. It’s up to you.
    Burberry UK


  5. Satin slip dresses – As the weather warms up, these dresses will be the hottest trend.  Pair them with heels for a going-out look, or keep it casual with a white t-shirt underneath and sneakers.


  6. Patches – If you have been searching for the perfect denim jacket with the perfect design, look no further.  Whether you like flowers, Harry Potter, or Blink-182, there is sure to be a patch for your  liking.  Iron-on patches make it easy to customize your denim to your liking.  Get some inspiration, buy a few off of Etsy, and use some thrifted denim to create the perfect look.


  7. Frayed denim –  Mom jeans have been revamped. Frayed ends add an extra dimension to your boring old jeans, and this new trend is an excuse to finally fix that awkwardly-lengthed pair of jeans we all have.


  8. Athleisure – Be comfy and trendy with this look.  This trend is perfect for those days when you want to throw on sweatpants, but want to give the illusion of time and effort spent on your outfit.  Athleisure lets you achieve the perfect “I came from an expensive gym class” look — whether you actually worked out or not.
    Chi City Fashion / Jena Gambaccini


  9. Overalls –  This is a piece definitely worth searching the back of your mom’s closet.  Buy a boyfriend fit for a more relaxed look, or get an overall dress for a more girly look.  Pair the denim with a t-shirt (especially stripes), turtleneck, or a button-up.  The possibilities are endless.
    Seventeen Magazine / Kara McGrath


  10. Blazers – This classy wardrobe staple has been around forever and it is not going away in 2017.  Pair them with jeans for a more laid-back, but powerful look. Tip: For a more casual outfit, try to find blazers without shoulder pads.