Hip Hop Showcases Their Talents


Ysabella Atehortua, Editor-in-Chief

On Friday, February 12th, West High held its fifth annual Hip Hop Showcase featuring many great performers and teams from around the area. The Pavilion was filled with the cheers of many parents, students, and friends coming to support everyone on stage.

  Teams from North High School, Glendale High School, as well as Palos Verdes Peninsula High School came to showcase their school’s talent. Outside groups such as the Juggernauts and a soloist from the Torrance Torrettes also performed giving insight to what might be in store for dancers after high school. Kevin Kim (12) stated “it was super cool getting to see what the other schools in our area have to offer as well as showing them what we have to offer, it pushes us to work harder to get to their level both in competition and, with the Juggernauts, to one day be as great as they are.”

  There was also a performance by the original All- Male team; many of the original members such as Soshi Suzuki and James Santiago came back to West to perform together for what could be the last time. West’s own JV All- Male earned many cheers from the audience as, for many, it was only their first year dancing competitively, but they impressed the crowd greatly.

  Mary Cablin (10) said “it was so fun getting to see my friends up on stage and seeing how all the hard work they’ve put in has really paid off, it really shows how much they deserve all the trophies they get.” The teams work really hard by spending every zero and first period practicing, as well as some night practices as well. They have had such a successful season ,however, it all seems worth it.

  Not only were there team performances, but there were also many soloist performances as well, from West’s own Jenna Lewis, Kristi Smith, Sarah Uchino, and Alyssa Sack, as well as Glendale High School’s Andrew Garcia and 6th grader Leah Sullivan. Dancer Brittney Sanchez (11) said “getting to show everyone from our school and family members what I spend all my time doing was great because it let me show them why I’m so passionate about dancing.” This passion was shown thoroughly throughout the night as every person danced with such energy and the biggest smiles on their faces despite being utterly out of breath.

  Overall the night was a huge success filled with music, dance, and fun. The performers enjoyed being able to showcase their skills and the audience had a great time watching the talent.