The Place to Be on Hallow’s Eve

Michael Nishida, Staff Writer

Halloween is only a week away! It’s the day where people can be and dress as whatever they want and feel released from the daily norm of society. There is a plethora of different ways to prepare and enjoy this supernatural holiday.

An immersive way to engage in this festivity that multiple students enjoy attending is Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights, which is full of mazes based on popular movies and TV shows such as, The Walking Dead and Alien vs. Predator. In addition, students enjoy Knott’s Berry Farm’s mazes and Dia De Los Muertos DJ section. Justin Wong (10) who will attend Universal Studios on Halloween commented, “The mazes at Universal Studios are superior to those at Knott’s Scary Farm. Also, the terror tram ride is amazing because of the detail of the characters.”

For those planning on going trick-or-treating or going to a costume party, the time to decide on what costumes to wear. According to Party City, the top selling costumes this year are zombies from The Walking Dead, and characters from the Disney film Frozen. Gavin Overturf (11) when asked about his costume said, “I haven’t decided yet, but I would like to be a zombie from Walking Dead.” A favorite pastime of Halloween is trick-or-treating. When students trick-or-treat, they get free sweets for dressing up and scouring the neighborhood for a prospective house. Vishal Bhat (10) says, “I always trick-or-treat every year and it gives me a break from stressful school life.”

  However, if you are looking for somewhere new to roam besides the local neighborhood, Riviera Village has an annual Halloween Trick-or-Treat in Redondo Beach. This is a hotspot for avid trick-or-treaters because all shops in the area will hand out candy for a two hour period. No matter what you are or what you do, don’t forget to enjoy Halloween.