Little Shop, Big Show

Julia Truong, Staff Writer

   Every year, the Theatre Department creates various musicals, attracting the student body of West High. But for only once every two years, a musical is created by the entire Fine Arts Department. Welcome Little Shop of Horrors : a thrilling, comical musical that includes the humorous personalities and colors of our own peers.

   Set in the scene of Downtown Skid Row, characters Audrey, played by Amy Romano (12), and Seymour, played by Daniel Barrett (10), slowly fall in love working through a busy business and a growing plant. Little of Shop of Horrors is revolved around a plant named Audrey II, voiced by Alex Madrid (11), which grows to become a human-eating monster. All of these theatrics are accompanied by the classy Doo-Wop Girls, who come out in sparkling green dresses singing intricate harmonies. With an eye-catching visual on stage, this musical is definitely is not one to be missed.  

  Directed by Mrs. Orabuena, the musical hopes to attract many people with the energy and power seen on stage. But the musical cannot survive without the musical talent of Mrs. Jensen. Several band students participate in the orchestral pit to create the dramatic and intense sounds for the musical. With lots of hard work and late night practices, the cast comes together to present a hit show.

  West High Alumni Ammar Zia came back to help with the work of the production, making sure that everything was in place for a picture-perfect production.  He comments, “It honestly took a lot of energy and hard work, but I’m so excited to see everything come together in such a short amount of time.” Come watch this amazing production from Tuesday, March 20th to Saturday, March 24th. Tickets are on sale at ASB through Friday ($10 Presale).