Abduction Hits Screens

Carly Saber, Staff Writer

Action, speed, and love are all qualities in the new hit movie Abduction. Taylor Lautner plays Nathan, the young man out to discover the truth about his life, after he finds his picture on a missing person’s website. Lily Collins plays Karen, the adorable girl who accompanies Nathan on his journey.

This astonishing 106 minute movie is jam–packed with fighting, stunts, and cliché action movie lines such as, “There’s no time to explain.” Lautner, a previously trained martial artist, performs all of his own stunts, with many an action throughout the movie.

The plot is very basic and easy to keep up with, while it still maintains a factor that pulls the viewer in. You just have to know what happens, right? The director John Singleton takes a very classic “action film” approach and that is just how the viewer gets it. It has all been done before.

With having Lautner as the leading man it attracts a large crowd of mostly teenage girls, not the typical crowd for an action film, but nonetheless a crowd.

The movie has some other big names such as Dr. Bennett played by esteemed actress Sigourney Weaver, a therapist Nathan visits due to his lack of anger control. Weaver is most commonly known for her roles as Warden Walker in Holes and Grace in Avatar. In addition, Alfred Molina, a well-known actor known from Raiders of the Lost Ark plays the head of the CIA that is after Nathan.

This film is a good choice if you want to go out and have fun while watching a movie. If you love action and romance would thoroughly enjoy Abduction.