Band Camp: the Good, the Bad, and the Burned

Kiana Schmitt, Staff Writer

If you are not a part of the West High Entertainment Unit, then the week of August 15th would most likely be of little importance to you. For those who are on color guard, drill team, or in band, however, it was a week filled with rehearsals, games, sun and, above all, the establishment of a comforting sense of unity.

WHEU members endure long days and nights the week of band camp. According to Jackie Saldana (11), a squad leader on the drill team, in the mornings everyone rehearses together on the field. After lunch, everyone split into their respective sections for two or three hours. Then, there were bonding games from afternoon until night with the whole unit. This year being her third year at band camp, Saldana declared that the week ran more smoothly this time around because everyone “[had] better communication than the previous years.”

Sabrina Lin (10), a new member of drill team experienced her first band camp, explains that during drill team’s time apart from the rest of the unit, they learned the spots and positions on the field for two-thirds of their show, and also began to learn the choreography for the first song. When asked about her opinion of band camp as a first year, Lin replied, “I thought that band camp was a great experience for me to see what the field shows were like. It helped me to understand what it is like to be part of the Entertainment Unit.”

Though there were positive aspects of band camp, one negative side remained. All of the WHEU members ended up with darkened skin tones after their excruciating week. Curtis Liew (12) of drum line sums up West High’s band camp in one word: “sunburned.”

Though each section of WHEU is unique and diverse in its own way, band camp is a way to bring all members together-whether they are blowing trumpets, twirling flags, or dancing with discipline.