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New Choices, New You

Aniqa Azad

Web/Feature Editor

Most people start off the New Year by making unrealistic resolutions such as losing ten pounds in two weeks; however, they don’t act upon it. But, with these healthy foods sprinkled onto your diet, you can be sure to gain many benefits and be on your yellow brick road to a healthier and new you!

To start off the day, instead of the plain old bagel slathered on with heaps of cream cheese, try substituting the cream cheese for peanut better; but if you’re up to it, make an omelet with two eggs. The protein that goes into your system is more effective at trimming the waist line than the bagel and its carbohydrates. Also, to boost your overall health, start the day with not only that omelet but also a glass of lemon water: squeeze half to a full lemon in a whole glass of water. The acidity of the lemon helps with the liver and your whole entire body.

High school seniors, feel as if you can’t really sleep? Got a case of insomnia? Well, start off the New Year with eating the correct foods so that you can have a healthier body and a good sleep schedule. Almonds are a great midnight snack since they contain magnesium which promotes sleep and muscle relaxation; they also have proteins which helps to switch from your “awake” cycle to your “sleep” cycle. Not in mood for almonds? Miso soup has been also known to help with sleep problems. This soup contains amino acids that helps produce melatonin which signals that start of yawns and thus puts you in a sleepier mood.

There are so many foods out there that help us become healthier and they sure do reap the benefits. Think outside the box; although that Cup of Noodle or the Hot Pocket is much easier to make and eat when you’re in a rush, just take some time out everyday to invest in yourself. Grab raw fruits and vegetables; have oatmeal; make yourself a sandwich: there are many options. It’s a new year, so take some time to make yourself a new you! Happy New Year everyone!


Fork, Spoon, Plate – Where Does It All Go?

Aniqa Azad

Web/Feature Editor

Do you remember the last meal you had? Did you use a fork? A spoon? In a society where eating as quickly as possible has become the norm, many people don’t find it necessary to use utensils at all. However, in many formal dinners, you’ll find that knowing how to set the table is crucial. Don’t know how to? Well, that’s perfectly fine because in about five minutes you’ll be a whiz at knowing where everything belongs!

A fork, spoon, and knife are not all the utensils present at a formal dinner. There’s also the salad fork, dinner fork, soup spoon, dessert spoon, and so on. So where do they all go? The easiest way to help you remember the places is to remember the word FORKS. The setting goes from left to right. Basically the Forks come first: the salad fork to the left and then follow with the regular dinner fork. After the dinner fork comes the rOund dinner plate. And to the Right comes the Knife and then the Spoon. Make sure the sharp, cutting side of the knife faces the plate. One thing that this mnemonic leaves out is the napkin. The napkin is usually places under the forks but if you have an elegantly-folded napkin, then you can place it on top of the plate.

The next main thing to remember is to remember the position of the bread plate and the drinking glass. Hold your pointer fingers out and touch your middle fingers with your thumbs; your left hand should make a “b” and your right hand should make a “d.” Basically, the bread plate (thus the b) goes on the left above the forks and the drinking glass goes above the knife and the spoons to the right.

Of course there are other options to making your dinner table even fancier than it is. The dessert and soup spoons can be placed right about the round plate; the seafood fork is placed to the right next to the spoon. However, to set a basic table, just remember FORKS and the b and the d.

Now, you’re all “set” to hold your own formal dinner!


What’s for Lunch?

Aniqa Azad

Web/Feature Editor

When is the one time students get together and enjoy a good forty minutes? When do most students see their friends and dine together? Well, during lunch time, of course! Many students often opt to buy lunch and they spend up to $5.00, and sometimes even more. However, there are very easy solutions to making lunch at home which is both delicious and nutritious.

A California Veggie Wrap appeals to even the strongest carnivore as it contains a myriad of flavors to satiate every single taste bud. It only takes about five minutes to create two of these scrumptious wraps. So does it take to make a California Veggie Wrap? You need 1 tablespoon of spreadable cream cheese, 1 large flour tortilla, 2 tablespoons of shredded carrot, 2 tablespoons of thinly sliced red or yellow pepper, 2 tablespoons of chopped red onion, a fourth cup of shredded Cheddar or Monterey Jack Cheese, one-fourth of an avocado (peeled and sliced), one-fourth cup of baby spinach leaves, salt, and pepper. Now folks, this is your own California Veggie Wrap. What makes this lunch so versatile is that you can basically put anything you desire into it: feel free to change vegetables, add more, or to even make this with meat (if you really can’t handle it being full on vegetarian). Once you have gathered all the ingredients, spread the cream cheese over the tortilla, fill it with all the ingredients, and sprinkle it with salt and pepper.

Now that you have the wrap laid out in front of you, roll the tortilla up as tightly as possible without ripping it. Cut the wrap in half, put into a plastic bag, and presto! How long did that take? Not only is that a yummy lunch but it also is very healthy. All of these ingredients can be found in your very own refrigerator and that is what’s so great about this recipe. Now students, have fun with this recipe and look forward to more! Bon Appetite!

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