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The School Newspaper of West High School

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The School Newspaper of West High School

West Signals

At an abortion rights protest at the Redondo Beach Public Library, Nichelle Henderson, an LA Community College District Board Trustee spoke on pro-choice abortion rights. Alongside other speakers, Henderson recounted her personal experience with abortion and warned others on the dangers of banning it. Photo Courtesy of High Tide, Redondo Union High School’s News.

A Month Post-Roe: Going Beyond Abortion

Alexssa Takeda, Co-Editor-in-Chief July 29, 2022

   Following the overturning of Roe v. Wade on June 24, the battle over abortion has left drastic and polarizing changes in its path. Since then, eight states have restricted abortion services, including South Dakota, Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama, and...

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With music drifting softly through the store, everything from iconic classics to thrilling fantasy novels line the shelves of Sandpiper Books. This summer, the indie bookshop encourages readers to travel outside their literary comfort zone with their This Summer Go Beyond the Beach Read reading list located at their entrance.

Sandpiper Books: The Hidden Gems of Torrance

Sophia Yoshimura, Staff Writer July 8, 2022

   With the end of the school year, students look forward to the relaxing summer months away from school. While some may seek out the excitement and thrill associated with summer, others may be looking to rest and find calm after a busy year. Sandpiper...

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As Mr. Cheung reflected on his years as a student at West, he described it as “a good place to grow up and to be educated,” urging students to “take advantage of all the opportunities” that the school provides.

Coming Back Home: Ms. Eriksen and Mr. Cheung

Sarah Han, News Editor June 18, 2022

   The most interesting thing about having teachers who are West High alumni is that they once stood exactly where we stand today. They were a part of the same clubs, had the same teachers, and got excited for the same rallies and dances that we did....

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The West High 1992 yearbook showcases the modern dance program of Principal Murata’s senior year. Many of West’s arts programs continued to be maintained by past graduates, such as Mr. Banim of the West High Entertainment Unit and Ms. Vorhis of the Dance Department. Principal Murata commented, “There’s a lot of West High tradition that gets passed down through the teachers that I think is really special here.”

Coming Back Home: Principal Murata and Mr. Banim

Sarah Han, News Editor June 16, 2022

   High school is where most students begin to learn about themselves and find their passions. Teachers, especially, find their inspiration and love for the school environment during those years. Principal Murata and Mr. Banim are just two of the West...

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Our seemingly simple city of Torrance was able to shape one of today’s famous science fiction writers, Becky Chambers. Chambers is currently working on a new novel, but in the meantime, readers can also look forward to her next release in July: Prayer for the Crown Shy, a novella serving as a sequel to another one of Chamber’s novellas, A Psalm for the Wild-Built. Photo courtesy of Other Scribbles.

Traveling the World of Science Fiction: Meet Becky Chambers

Elise Fauni, Staff Writer June 13, 2022

   To many of its locals, life in Torrance is Steve’s Charbroiled Burgers, Bonello’s Pizza, and unlimited beach trips. Growing up in it all was Becky Chambers. This former West High Warrior now resides 700 miles away in the redwood forest as a...

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On Friday, May 20, West High hosted its first West High Car Show in the student parking lot after the dismissal bell rang. With music blasting and students chattering, the car show was about to begin!

Car Culture at West High

June 9, 2022

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Amor Jones (12) spent her last prom wearing a pink corset and feathered skirt that she pieced together on her own. Her pearl necklace, gloves, and hair in a braid truly brought the look to elegance. Photo courtesy of Amor Jones (12).

Best Looks at West High’s 2022 Prom

Kate Phan, Entertainment Editor June 2, 2022

   Glitter, sequins, silk, lace, and more: the much anticipated West High Prom at the Los Angeles River Center and Gardens brought a wave of fashion forward looks. The theme this year: “Baile de Mascaras”, a Masquerade. Some students chose to include...

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West High’s Giving Day was a total success. Twenty-seven thousand dollars were fundraised all thanks to everyone who donated and participated. “It’s a blessing to be at this school and it’s nice to know we are so well supported by the community,” Coach Butler expressed.

West High’s Giving Day

Luciana Gonzalez, Staff Writer May 27, 2022

   What better way to start May than with Warrior Pride? On May 4 and 5, West High had a goal of fundraising “24k in 24 hours” to renovate the weight room. This campaign was initiated by the athletic director Coach Druten. Flyers, pictures, and...

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Therapy dogs are on campus during AP testing week to encourage students and improve their mental health. In light of mental health awareness month, the presence of these dogs reminded students and staff of the importance of mental health and became a beacon of light during stressful times. As Ms. Sophie Meagher of The Alliance of Therapy Dogs said, its easy to see peoples face light up when they see [the dogs].

Therapy Dogs on Campus!

Sarah Han, News Editor May 18, 2022

   The first two weeks of May are incredibly stressful for many high school students. During AP testing week, students study for days on end, file into a silent library, and spill everything they’ve learned onto a piece of paper. Then, they come...

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WHS Dance runs through their perfected performances after adapting to last minute changes. Despite the added difficulty, choreographer Ray Pham (11) expressed, “Everyone has been trying their best to overcome these challenges and it’s been amazing to see the team work harder than ever!” The dancers successfully persevered through all of their troubles, bringing another spectacular show to the West High Performing Arts Center.

How WHS Dance “Continued to Thrive” Through May Show

Elise Fauni, Staff Writer May 16, 2022

   On May 5-7 in the West High Performing Arts Center, the WHS Dance Department presented another breathtaking May Show. However, for the dancers, the show’s theme “Continue to Thrive” ironically reflected the obstacles of the show’s preparations.     With...

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Students line up in front of the library at 12:30 p.m. on May 3 for their AP Psychology exam. They awaited check-in with their ID, #2 pencils, and black or blue pens ready! Photo by Kate Phan.

How West High Studied For Their AP Exams

Kate Phan, Entertainment Editor May 12, 2022

   ‘Tis the season for College Board’s Advanced Placement (AP) exams; not exactly as jolly as seasons tend to be. From May 2 to May 13, students went through the dreaded “AP Weeks.” After over nine months of active learning, West High’s AP...

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As teacher appreciation week is underway, students are seen showing their love and appreciation for all teachers. With everyone back in school this year, we are able to show how much we really appreciate our teachers by giving gifts, cards, signs, etc. Student Gaby Nieraeth (11) shared her thoughts on the amount of appreciation teachers get, explaining, “I think teachers definitely do not get enough credit for everything they do.”

We Love Our Teachers!

Luciana Gonzalez, Staff Writer May 9, 2022

  Teachers are often overlooked or taken for granted. To make sure these hardworking and beloved individuals are recognized for their positive impact on campus, West High hosted Teacher Appreciation Week from April 25 through 29.        West...

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