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The School Newspaper of West High School

West Signals

The School Newspaper of West High School

West Signals

On October 9, 2021, students gathered at West High School to enjoy the Homecoming dance, with the theme: A Night in Paris. Risa Fujimoto (12), who danced the night away, noted how “fun it was to watch people getting hyped up with the music. Photo courtesy of Sophie Morales (10).

Homecoming 2021: A Night In Paris

Rebecca Yan, Entertainment & Spotlight Editor October 19, 2021

   Fog filled the Building 5 Quad as students gathered, dancing and jumping to the beats that the DJ played up on the balcony. Glittering lights shined all around campus, and banners designed with images of the Eiffel Tower hung above. This is what...

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Following the announcement of Homecoming King and Queen, Meileen Taw (12) and Elliot Kim (12) reminisce about learning of their win at Friday’s Homecoming football game. The Homecoming King and Queen are nominated through a series of student voting and teacher appointments. It’s a long journey to the throne, and Taw expressed how she is “honored to be chosen by my teachers and peers.”

Just Crowned: Homecoming King and Queen

Sophia Yoshimura, Staff Writer October 16, 2021

   Before halftime at the Homecoming game, the sky was dark and the audience ablaze. Just minutes later would come the big reveal. As ASB members rolled in signs and stands, the chatter quieted. Candidates in formalwear arrived on the football field...

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At their first meeting, Sending Love Club members show off their hand-crafted heart boxes as they prepare for a year full of heart shaped crafts. Photo courtesy of Allison Tsai (11).

Sending Love from West High

Elise Fauni, Staff Writer October 16, 2021

   Every other Thursday at lunch, room 5139 of West High becomes home to the members of Sending Love Club. At first glance, club members can be seen making different craft projects. But the purpose of Sending Love extends much further than just arts...

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The Top 15 of the homecoming court and the theme of the dance being announced just a few weeks before it will take place.

Building Hype for the Homecoming Dance

Dominic Herrera, Staff Writer October 15, 2021

   Not only were the plans and decorations being built for this year's 2021 Homecoming dance, but the excitement was too.    Excitement for this year's dance was at an all-time high as due to the COVID-19 pandemic, last year's Homecoming dance...

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Misa Cohen’s (11) choreographed dance number “SOS”, was performed by Intermediate dancers. In a show stopping blue top and black bottoms, the jazz piece was upbeat and impressive. In her preparation, Cohen admits, “It was definitely difficult to choose a song I liked but also a song that was easy to choreograph to.” Photo by Kaila Uyemura (12).

Back to Performing: The Fall Dance Showcase!

Kate Phan, Staff Writer October 14, 2021

   5, 6, 7, 8! Cue the stage lights and music — West High’s first performance at the Performing Arts Center (PAC) this year kicked off on September 29 with the Fall Dance Showcase. Showcase is a collection of solo performances and group dances...

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Brilliantly Shooting the ball, Boys Varsity Water Polo senior Tyler Reed (12) scores a point for his team in a heated battle against Culver City. Reed plays club water polo in addition to highschool water polo and this season, all those hours of dedication are paying off. Not only is he a valuable player, but according to Ian Noe (9), “he always acts like a team leader” and “brings positive energy to the team.”

Athlete of the Week: Tyler Reed

Sullivan Kolakowski, Staff Photographer October 7, 2021

 This week’s Athlete of the Week is an athlete with strong game skills, a drive to succeed, and a shining personality. When teammates were asked to describe water polo point, Tyler Reed (12), this is what they came up with:  “Very skilled” “Incredible...

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FCCLA members are stitching dolls for one of their community service projects: Dollies for Doctors in 2019. These dolls were used to show kids how they were going to be operated on to put them at ease. Photo courtesy of Pragna Chennuri (12).

FCCLA and FBLA: A Little Peek Into the World Outside of Our Classes

Anika Agarwal, Staff Writer, Staff Photographer October 6, 2021

   There are six required classes at school: math, science, English, history, physical education, foreign language. But High School is more than just these six classes. High school is where you can experiment with new things and discover who you are...

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West High’s Friendship Club is back on campus with a ton of new in-person events! After almost two years of missing out on activities due to the pandemic, West High Chapter co-president Faith Iwanaka (11) is “super excited to get going again this year.”

Making Connections With Friendship Club

Alexssa Takeda, News Editor October 6, 2021

   During the almost two years of quarantine, many of students’ social interactions had been limited to impersonal Zoom meetings and the occasional socially-distanced outing with friends. For some, maintaining friendships and establishing new bonds...

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The Academic Decathlon team at the LA County competition in 2020, the last in-person competition. During the 2020 competition, the West’s Acadec placed third out of a total of 39 teams. Photo Courtesy of Shreya Reddi (12).

Well-Rounded: Academic Decathlon

Sarah Han, Staff Writer October 2, 2021

   The name “Academic Decathlon” (or Acadec) is an intimidating term. With it comes the image of perfect straight-A students competing about their knowledge of Shakespeare’s plays or Newton’s contribution to science. However, Acadec is about...

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The back design of the class of 2022 shirt designed by Shozi, which she said “ was difficult trying to create something that everyone would like. That’s why I based it off of In-N-Out since I know many people like that.”

A Deeper Look Into Who Created the Senior Class Shirts

Dominic Herrera, Staff Writer October 2, 2021

   Marisa Shozi (12) was tasked with creating and designing the class shirt for the Seniors of 2022. Her design reflected a key part of Southern California culture as well as the class of 2022 as a whole: In-N-Out restaurants, a staple of California...

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Molly Paulson (11) assists the “For The Kids” Club Rush booth in front of Building 5 where groups of people line up to apply for club membership. Paulson describes the experience: “It was very exciting. I thought it was amazing how many kids signed up for our club.”

West High’s Clubs of 2021-22: For The Kids

Kate Phan, Staff Writer October 2, 2021

   IVs, stiff beds, and hospital food -- sometimes patients need a little more comfort in these hard times. This year, a new club called “For The Kids” has emerged to provide these comforts.     “For The Kids” originated from the experiences...

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Cailey Umamoto (12) entertains a life full of energy, dance, a dream to travel, and so much more. With 4 committed years at West, she is dressed for success. Through these years, she has a continued pursuit in her love of dancing and dedication to fellow confreres. Looking forward, Umamoto hopes for a bright future of travel and University.

Senior Spotlight: Cailey Umamoto

Sophia Yoshimura, Staff Writer October 2, 2021

   For Seniors, being back at school is a fresh experience, as their only full year on campus had been spent as a Freshman. After two years online/blended, those freshies are now at the top of the school. Cailey Umamoto (12), one of those Seniors, found...

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